**concept only**

While working as a product manager and designer at innovative ScopeAR, I was tasked to create a cohesive and robust redesign of the admin and license management tool. 

 With requirements such as enterprise friendly (1000s+ users),  license management, user-based permissions, a CMS for authoring AR, a repository for call history (including screenshots, video, processing status, and editing/management tooling), etc—it was a big ask and a big job. Unfortunately this is concept only as the team later dismantled and focus shifted. That being said, the site was well underway the preliminary dev process and was fully designed with developmental considerations and involvement, alongside the talented Keith Silgard.

**content has been adjusted to retain privacy**


Interactions prototype

This prototype shows the interaction with the sidebar: designed so users could access information quickly without being stuck within a screen. The sidebar does not prevent interaction on elements behind it, meaning users can jump through navigation and see the side panel contents adjust as they navigate and explore each page.



Prototype of the invite flow for a new user.


Prototype of the invitation cancel and resend flow.



Prototype showing the edit user flow. 



Using Format